Oil Painting effect

I’m looking for a plugin or an AI to give the effect that they are painted in an animated painting, something more evolved than stylize or crok oil paint.
Any ideas?

There’s a crok matchbox called crok_oil_paint. I’ve used it on stills before… not sure if it always works well on video.


I tried, but it doesn’t have so much control

Maybe the Stylize node can help you. If not, you might want to dig into some style-transfer ML networks. (doesn’t Adobe have this already?)

Sounds like you might want to look into EbSynth. Lots of tutorials on youtube. Maybe use crok_oil_paint to create the style frames. It also sometimes works for simple age/face makeup.

Good article:

Also, I’m not very familiar with it, but Kaiber looks interesting

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Looks promising I’ll give it a try!


Also RunwayML might be an option. Check out yesterday’s Logik Live episode

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