Interleaved audio export

Hi all,
I have a spec to create a prores export for a film I’m on:

All audio channels need to be on one stream (interleaved) not a stream for each channel and the channel assignment should be the following:
Channel 1 - Left
Channel 2 - Right
Channel 3 - Centre
Channel 4 - LFE
Channel 5 - Left Surround
Channel 6 - Right Surround

I have the audio as individual mono tracks, but cant seem to make a 6 channel interleaved export. any ideas?


Hi Des,

not done this myself, but have you tried settings the Audio options in the Media Export window to Midown:-As Is?

I think this will create the movie file with all the tracks exactly as they are on the timeline, so as long as those are correct…


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I do not believe this is possible in flame. @La_Flame ?

I usually get these as a separate delivery from the mix house.

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it works with 2, 4 or 8 tracks but no oprtions for 6! grrr

correction, it maintains stereo pairs, but I cant make a 6-channel group.

improvement request logged:



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