Multi Channel EXR export for Netflix Help!

Hi all.

Having a few Export Multichannel clips issues.

I use timeline to build my exports (new version for matte layers). I export from Flame 2022.3.1.

My files are QCd in Nuke before Baselight and the guys are saying that - rgb channels are empty and the image was copied into another channel. ( is it to do with my slate ? )

Does anyone have a bomb proof way of doing this so I don’t keep returing these issues please ?

Thanks in advance,

Matt W

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If you use top video track it will only export the current top layer of the selected version layer (which is set as primary). So looking at your screenshots, it looks like your bottom version is the primary (selected) version, this is the version that will be exported. Also I see Include Alpha is not enabled, I dont know what your DI pass is exactly but normally I would enable that one.
I never done it this way, but if it’s only 1 matte channel, I would include in in a batch render output ( Set batch render node to multipass and pipe the matte channel in the second input. Then export this new clip the way you did (but with including alpha)

Is it not possible to do this from within batch?
I can only see an option from the media library.

In fact, I tried from the media hub, didn’t work, any ideas?

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DW, found one of Grants videos from way back how to do it as a sequence.
But isn’t it about time this was available as a write option from within batch?

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