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We are proud to announce that is on Patreon!

Here at , we’re all about building and supporting the Autodesk Flame Community. Whether you are looking for near real-time support from users, improving your skills, building your network, or taking a break between renders, this is the community you are looking for. is the home of One Frame of White, a yearly competition celebrating the incredible talent within our community, showcasing short films created entirely within Flame using…One Frame of White. For past entries and more info check out

New in 2020 is Logik Live, the only weekly webinar series dedicated to making you a better Flame Artist. Over our first 38 episodes we’ve brought to you thought leaders and experts in Machine Learning in Flame, Python Scripting, Flame Developers, running your Flame business from home, and more. Check out our YouTube Channel at and be sure to Like and Subscribe.

New for 2020 is the Logik Podcast. With 1,500 subscribers and a dozen episodes, we’re picking up steam. These are audio-only versions of Logik Live with an occasional custom audio-only traditional podcast. In 2021, we’d love to bring you more.

Also new in 2020 is LogikFest, a new yearly call for community training and tutorials providing timely and relevant tips and training to sharpen your…ummm…Wacom pen. Check out LogikFest 2020 — for more details.

But wait, there’s more! Also in 2020 we introduced the Logik Forum, the new forever home for Flame Artists online. Since August, we’ve grown to over 700 active members from across the globe, are visited by over 100 artists every day, have served over 250,000 page views and created almost 5,000 posts across 750 unique topics, including mobile apps for Android and iOS supporting push notifications. And we’re just getting started.

Who We Are is brought to you by @andymilkis and @randy. We’re working Flame Artists just like you. For more about us check out Andy’s or Randy’s website.

Why You Should Support Us
Supporting us helps us cover hard costs like domain name registration, website hosting of multiple URLs, officially hosted Discourse servers and streaming gear like cameras, microphones, and lights.

Supporting us means you recognize that we are Flame Artists, just like you, with demanding clients and ridiculous schedules. We share because we care, and this helps us share 24/7/365.

Supporting us pays us back for that time Andy gave his weekend up to bring you an amazing guest which helped you go home…I mean, move from your dining room table to your living room couch…on time (alt+double clicking a surface).

Supporting us pays us back for that time when Randy TeamViewered into your machine and helped you figure out why your new Mac was dropping frames on playback (damn hdmi cables).

Supporting us allows us to bring you even more content. We’ve self-funded One Frame of White, Logik Live, Logik Fest, and the Logik Forum. Imagine what we could offer you with just a little of your ongoing support.

Supporting us helps us daydream about what else we can offer you. A dedicated podcast to answering your Flame and career related questions? A dedicated monthly live event putting Flame artists head-to-head showing how they approach everyday tasks? A real-time chat platform? Custom Matchbox Shaders? Custom Python Scripts?

With your support, all of these could come true. Thank you!
Flame On,
@andymilkis and @randy


I don’t know, the whole Patreon thing rubs me the wrong way guys. Remember when stuff was put out on the internet with no expectation of a monetary return.

I understand your point, and it would probably rub me the wrong way too if it was required to participate. It’s really just a request for generosity if it’s something you could spare. Personally I’m okay with crowd sourcing to help cover operational costs. It doesn’t bother me that Blender asks for donations to help cover their costs.

It’s not writing a whole new piece of software it’s asking for help with operational cost ie domains, and gear which seems to already exist.
And we r flame artists so we already make decent money, that’s what rubs me the wrong way.

Hey Joel… you are always welcome to go back to the Facebook forum, where you are the currency.

If I wanted to make money off of this endeavor I’d post my reel not try to coax a fiver out of you @joelosis. :-).

Thanks for the honest feedback @joelosis. Seriously. We really appreciate it. Annnddd I officially take back everything I said about trying to get more YouTube subscribers than you on yesterday’s Logik Live which may or may not have happened at about the 01:00:30 mark … :grimacing:

To be clear. We are not and don’t plan on charging for anything. You can hang out and lurk or contribute or do whatever you want and never pay a cent. In fact, the is 100% open to anyone on the internet. You don’t even need to sign up for an account and you can browse anything and everything.

For our community this is a new thing. And yes, it is weird to take a huge risk and to do something nobody in our community has done before. And yes we are seeking to offset some of the money that goes into maintaining One Frame of White, Logik Live, Logik Podcast,,, LogikFest, and the upcoming Renderdome Live Event on January 30th.

Now, it is entirely possible that I’m missing something, but I don’t think its a stretch to invite the community to opt into contributing a few bucks a month when Andy has given away over $100,000 in donated prizes for One Frame of White winners over the past 7 years, or it costs Andy $15 just to mail a Logik Phone Charger to someone, or when our monthly traffic on the forum hits 100,000 page views per month in a couple of months and we get bumped up to the Business Tier at and our costs for the Forum alone jump from $100/mo to $300/mo, or when we ask the community what they want and they want live head-to-head battles and the software license to live stream 8 people with cameras and screen shares and graphics packages costs $1,200.

But it’s not about the money. It’s about building something. It’s about bringing everybody together, understanding what you guys want, and then actually doing it. Look at what we’ve done as a community in just the past 10 months.

I think most reasonable people would agree that this isn’t a stretch after all.


I did not know this . . . .