iPad Pro Reference Mode

Setting up a new m4 iPad pro as a reference monitor for Flame.
Plan to use NDI out of Flame and new iPad in wired sidecar mode.
This way I don’t have to worry about using NDI over wifi, just use NDI monitor app on Mac.

Some documentation about using iPad in reference mode:

Anyone else doing something similar?

Sounds lovely and exotic - I’m interested to follow your journey and progress - post workflows and dicsovery when you are able.

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Get a probe and be ready to provide the actual xyY and the desired xyY. Once you do that, repeat it once more. You’ll end up with a pretty decent display. We’ve used these to get remote signoff/approval/supervision on Netflix hdr shows we grade.


Currently have acces to a Calibrite ColorChecker Display pro, which to my understanding is just a rebranded OEM X-Rite i1D3 Colorimeter. I use Calman home to autocal our LG OLED monitors, this version of Calman also allows workflow for using the Patterns app in iOS to Fine-tune calibration as you describe. We have had most of our LG monitors professionally calibrated with a much more accurate probe (CR-100).

What I am really interested to see how close I am able to get the calibration given the tools I have at my disposal.

Is it really necessary to spend money each year on professional calibration using more accurate tools or can I achieve my desired level of accuracy with tools that are more reasonably accessed by the mass market?

(This is mostly advertising work)

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They don’t care about color, just the grain.