Small preview monitor for home flame?

Been pining for a small (like 14-17") preview monitor for Flame at home. Just HDMI. Reasonable color, but not reference grade. Started looking at SmallHD and BMD TVLogic and Fladners and they’re a little $ for this use case. Thoughts?

Get a good PC monitor, calibrate it, and fead signal through some LUTbox with your calibration LUT.

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Do you currently have 2 UI monitors, or just one 1?

There’s definitely value in having an external monitor that’s not part of the OS UI, but has the separate DeckLink (or other flavor) signal path, that is completely controlled by Flame for color accuracy, whether that is an FSI monitor or something more affordable. But it quickly becomes a big project.

Since you mention HDMI, my sense would be that a good middle ground is to get 2x high quality UI monitors, where you get the preview on the 2nd monitor, but can also use that space for other things in Flame. Take a look at the Eizo CG series. Those are not quite FSI level, but still reference display for stills, CG, etc. They have built-in self-calibration. Getting two good matching UI monitors is cheaper than the full setup of DeckLink, and SDI reference, and gets you 95% there.

I have two 27" Eizo CG and they’re very close to the FSI between them. That seems like most flexible and value for the money solution that you can definitely trust.

If you use more than one monitor, having matching models is super helpful, as even slight variations will drive you bonkers and actually make it harder to judge color.

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I’ve got an XDR at home. Really I just want an output that’s always a full res flame output. Get tired of zooming in and out, then going full screen for playback.

I can NDI to my Macbook Pro… maybe I’ll look into that… But you can’t split audio with NDI which isn’t ideal.

And again it’s for my home office, so footprint is a huge concern on my wee little desk. We’ve got all the nice stuff in the studio for delivery days and client sessions.


Controversial opinion…iPad Pro via NDI.