iPad Resolve - Gateway drug and drop

Hi all,

I remember mentioning something like this quite some time ago, and getting very short shrift in terms of having a cut-down version of Flame for iPad. This really occurred to me when I bought a copy of Bricolage for my iPhone and I used it as a way, in a class, of taking the fear factor out of nodes, for the layer-centric students.

Bricolage made the nodes more intuitive as an idea, when moving them around a touch screen and gesturally changing values with your finger. I wrote to the developer to complement her on the app, pointing out how certain aspects of it reminded me of Flame, and she said that she was a Flame demo artist back in the day. Anyhows, it seems that Resolve is shortly to be released as an iPad version:



Doesn’t the iPad Pro basically run macos on an M1or 2? How hard would it be to get Flame ‘light’ in there once it’s M native…? Just roto and paint for instance… that’d be pretty fun.