Is it poss to have the app called Logik

Hey. Is it possible to have the discourse hub app called Logik ??

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If you are on an iPhone, viewing the forum in Safari seems to work pretty well. If you don’t mind that, you can add a bookmark to your home screen and name it Logik.

Kinda hacky, I know, but easy enough to do if it works for you. :slight_smile:

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Oh boy I’d love to. That could eventually be something we get serious about but it is surprisingly an expensive and complex proposition. Whilst I am still admittedly wading through the intricacies of what that all entails, here’s what I’ve figured out so far. If anybody knows anything about this and can either fill in the gaps, shed some light, or confirm, that’d be swell.

This is a Discourse forum hosted by the official creators of the platform for a decent monthly fee. With that comes pretty good uptime, included maintenance, weekly updates, a decent sized plugin library, and, most importantly, a Discourse branded iOS and Android app that handles all the push notifications (several hundred thousand per month) and emails (about 20,000 per month).

At our current scale, we can offer a ton of features and afford it out of pocket. In order to build a white-listed branded mobile app, which is fancy way to describe what you and I would both like, we’d need to be a minimum ‘enterprise’ level Discourse which is typically in the ballpark of 3M+ Monthly page views as well as a significant initial investment (I have no idea but guessing its a 5 figures) as well as significant ongoing maintenance for push notifications as well as republishing those to the iOS and Android platforms plus email servers and email server maintenance. The good news is, and yes, there’s good news, is that all of this is open source. But the labor to get all the various pieces working is of course, not. The bad news is, the ‘enterprise’ tier of hosted Discourse forums is a ‘call us’ pricing, which, means it’s likely more than $1,000 per month.

The final complication that keeps creeping up is Apple/App Store related and means that even if we did one day be at the scale to be able to afford such an endeavor, current App Store rules limiting the amount of “apps that just repackage a website” because…well…just go to the website…

Sorry to post a wall of text, but, wanted to at least make public the rabbit hole of why this isn’t already done and dusted. I’m looking forward to one day being in that realm of scale and functionality.

As @mattriley mentioned, Safari is a decent experience on the iPhones. The mobile implementations of the forums is quite good.