Mobile App for iOS and Android and Push Notifications Setup

If you are looking for a way to connect with the Flame Logik Community from your mobile device, check out these links for iOS and Android devices.

Also, for anyone wondering why there isn’t a “Flame Logik Forum” Branded App in the iOS and/or Android store. That is known as a white-labeled app and there are significant challenges to achieving that. First, in that Apple doesn’t allow as part of its terms and conditions applications that are nothing but websites. In order to quality for an App Store Application, your app must include a “significant improvement” of functionality over the website itself. Therefore, 99.5% of all Discourse forums are served to its customers in the same manner as we serve to you…through a Discourse Application. In addition, we’d require a significant investment of likely tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to setup iOS and Android notifications and need to hire staff to manage. Hope this helps.



Once you download the app, you can add:

And sign in with your credentials.


Nice, works a treat :+1:

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Are you looking for instant push notifications from Logik to your mobile device? I like your style.

Okay, here’s how to set it up. Visit your Profile / Preferences / Notifications / Categories. The URL looks like this… . Under the Watched tab, add all the Categories from which you’d like to receive Push Notifications.

For example, here’s a screen grab of my Prefs.

I am Watching Announcements, Site Feedback and Staff, as I want Push Notifications straight away for those Categories. I am Watching First Post for Logik Live, Logik Podcast, and Flame Questions because I want to know about those, but don’t necessarily need to know about each Topic Reply and Like. I am Tracking the other Categories so that when I log in know how many new posts are in each Category and Topic, but I don’t need to have Push Notifications for them.

This is perhaps the most powerful aspect of the Category system, as it allows you to pick and choose which Categories get Pushed to your mobile, which are tracked, and, if you know you don’t want to expose yourself to particular Categories, to mute them entirely by, you guessed it, putting them into your Muted box.

Hope this helps, shout with questions.


Also, for anybody wondering why the iOS and Android apps aren’t called ‘Logik’…

Hopefully I’ll start to get screen push notifications now that I’ve done this.