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Yep. It happened. Erica was dismissed as a result. An official announcement is attached.

Interested to hear thoughts from the community.

As an American, it’s clear we’ve got a lot of work to do to make the world a better place for everyone. As a previous direct report to Erica, I’m deeply saddened to see this and appreciate the swift action.

“sound work/life balances,” eh?

Having never worked for the Mill and knowing even less about their Chicago operation, I can’t react fist hand to that statement. What I can say is that the Tech family of companies doesn’t have the best rep for respecting talent or creating a good work/life balance, but that imbalance exists all over our particular vocation sadly.

What I can also say is that I think it’s pathetic that anyone who gets slapped on the wrist (however hard) for being outspoken politically, or on the wrong side of an issue (compared to their employer) would do anything other than apologize and vow to learn the error of their ways and take their come-uppance OR hold their fucking ground. Resorting to claims of hacking and other conspiracy theories just means that she lacks the courage of her convictions—that she’s spineless and flaccid when faced with the consequences of her beliefs.

Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, a person who flops on their foundational beliefs for self-preservation in the face of adversity, is no one you can trust, isn’t fit to lead any team and should be dismissed.

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May I remind the group that there are many members of this forum that are previous and/or current Mill Chicago employees. This situation has certainly weighed heavy on my mind lately, as one of the founding members of the Chicago studio and having had an enormously positive experience working for her. I appreciate the discourse and it is important for us as a community to be aware of such events, but please, be excellent to each other.