Learning Python

I’ve been trying to learn python these last couple months to add to my tool box (and hopefully make some useful scripts with it).
I found a great app/website I’ve been using and wanted to share with others who my be trying to learn too.

I’ve been using SoloLearn and it has really been an amazing learning experience and I’d highly recommend it if you are also looking for a learnIng resource.

You can do it all on your phone. It has a code playground, so you do actual code challenges to test your knowledge. (Perfect for when my 3 year old insists I sit in the room with him as he goes to sleep :rofl:)

I’ve learned a ton in just the last two months, so wanted to share with others trying to learn python.


Thanks for the suggestion @dave

I have been getting books out from the library and then only getting halfway before they are due back or I get busy.

My basic understanding has been well polished but I am not progressing much. Maybe this will help.

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Having the code practice built right it I think really helps it sink in more.
I did the 14 trial, but then forgot to cancel, so it charged me for the year. But it’s turned out to be well worth the $70