Python Scripting

Hi ya’ll. So I’m very new to the python capability that Flame uses. Are there any good rudimentary or basic courses to learn how to pipe them into Flame? I always get nervous that I’ll somehow mess up something that could potentially delete/corrupt projects. Any TUTs would be great, thanks!


Have you seen the Logik Live videos?

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Hey Pete

Def check the first one and the one I did on python with Fred. I knew absolutely nothing about python or programming when I got started.


Hey Guys,

Thanks! I didn’t realize that was covered on Logik Live.


Do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you need to get going. We’re here to help.



are great places to start!

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Hello all you guru pythons,

I want to be able to create a selective in Image using a hot key. The function is available in the contextual menu ONLY if the surface is selected. There is no hotkey for this so I was wondering if a python script could do this.

I would love this funtioality as I used to use it in Resolve. eg. option-S. option-P option-L for serial, Parrallel and Layer nodes.

Hi John. This is a great idea, and here’s my attempt to try to help it not get lost in the clutter. I can’t say I’m a python guru, but I at least have something to contribute.

I know that you get at least part of this functionality when you use a Tangent Panel. Built into the Tangent Mapper is the ability to turn selectives into buttons. I don’t know if that just completely confirms you need to use python to make it work or if there’s possibly a way that we can convince the devs to make it something we can throw into the keyboard shortcuts for a future release.

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