Python appreciation

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who is submitting their Python scripts to the portal.
I have yet to get anywhere close to writing anything useful.

My favourite isn’t incredibly fancy but I use it all the time and it must be saving me hours:

Import Open Clip - Right-click a WriteNode to import its OpenClip
Created by @MikeV

It even caches on import for me (that might be a mediaHub preference).

I am running a few others like, and


Holy fuck. I didn’t know about that one and was literally going to ask if someone could help me cobble that shit together.



I started using a few Python scripts . Really great. This wonderful Totally Time-saving.
just curious. Could there be a Python scripts where we can find batch bugs?

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It is not possible as nodes do not report errors in the Python API. That being said, it is on our radar to offer an out of the box solution to this problem.