Less than an hour away from Logik Live!

We are less than an hour away from an all-new Logik Live! Are you drowning in versions? Cuts always changing? Every week bringing a new aspect ratio for social media? Then you don’t want to miss today’s Logik Live!

Fresh off his excellent 3-part Logik Academy series on Connected Conform, Jeff Kyle is joining us to give an overview of this incredible, time-saving workflow. Jeff is going to give an overview of the workflow and then dive in to some specific use cases: What to do when cuts change, when additional spots are added, or working with deliverables in different aspect ratios. Jeff’s session is available at YouTube.com/logiklive

Plus, I’ll be giving away a 12 month license of Optics from Boris FX and a Logik mask to a couple of lucky attendees!

After the show, Jeff is going to do a Q&A for our Patreon Patrons. If you’d like to support what we do here at Logik please sign up at http://patreon.com/logiktv

Registration is required. When you register you will receive a unique Zoom link and password. Please do not share them:

Logik Live is sponsored by Cinesys.io. Find out more about their remote workflow solutions at https://cinesys.io.

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