Logik Live #84: "Want to See Something Cool?" Today @ 2pm ET!

Logik Live is back with a fabulous collection of tips, tricks and techniques called “Want to See Something Cool?” Join me and my guests Sinan Vural, Tim Farrell, David Crites and Randy McEntee as we go through things like fixing an out of focus shot, timeline tricks for working with mixed aspect ratios, procedural motion graphics in Flame and so much more!

We’re LIVE on YouTube on TODAY, June 5th @ 2pm ET (note the different day and time). As always, I’ll be giving away some Logik merch AND a one year license of Optics from Boris FX. To register for our weekly giveaways signup today at http://www.logiklive.com

After the show, my guests and I are going to host exclusive Q&A for our Patreon Patrons. If you’d like to support what we are doing with Logik for as little as $5/mo please consider becoming a patron at http://www.patreon.com/logiktv

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Loved these presentations and this train just keeps building up steam. I especially enjoyed @dcrites presentation. He is one stack of elegantly interconnected nodes, himself, with his interlinked pieces!



Thank you for the kind words, Tony. At times I do feel like a compass full of nodes, though I’m not certain about their elegance!

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