Announcing Logik Academy!

Good Morning Logik! It gives me great pleasure to announce Logik Academy! Our first ‘class’ is an amazing 3-part Connected Conform Tutorial by Jeff Kyle. Jeff does an amazing job of presenting a comprehensive Connected Conform workflow and addresses all of the “gotchas” that can pop up along the way:Doing your initial conform, dealing with new cutdowns, new shots, splitting shots, and much more.

In the first video, Jeff defines important concepts and features that you need to know before jumping into the connected conform. In part 2, Jeff explains exactly how his version of the Connected Conform works in the real world. In part 3 Jeff breaks down three advanced Connected Conform workflow tips that were a little too long to include during the main tutorial video.

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That’s just amazing. And a nice voice to listen to :slight_smile:


Well done. Thanks!

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@andymilkis and I are ridiculously proud of @Jeff for this series. He obviously spent a ton of time on this, and for me, it’s one of the best examples of high quality real-life educational content out there. Moving forward we’d love to do more on topics that matter to you. In order to make these possible moving forward, we’d love for you to suggest topics that you’d like to see expanded upon. Anyone can suggest a topic, and @Patrons of Logik will vote on what’s next.

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Such amazing content! Thank you @Jeff

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Thanks for the kind words, @ChrisKasten @randy and @Ben

I had a blast working on it. I had created a workflow document version of this a few years back but I had been meaning to do a video like this for some time now just because it’s better in every way to be able to SEE it instead of read about it.

And I really mean it when I say please reach out if anyone has questions implementing it themselves or if anything wasn’t completely clear. More than happy to help.


Howdy friends. Jeff put together an archive of his project if you’d like to download it and follow along.

20 GB, Flame 2021.2.1: Dropbox - - Simplify your life




Looks like the additional media for the “new spots” from desktops for part 8 and part 10 aren’t included - these are the spots that Jeff conformed by “going to the SAN” to grab the media in the video (video part 3 at about 6:25 in). Any chance of uploading those extra clips?


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Copy that. Thanks for letting me know, Maury. On it!

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