LG C8 Auto Dimming


I have an LG 55" client monitor and since a firmware upgrade a few months back now auto dims if the image on screen doesnt change after 2 mins. This is very annoying when you are sitting on a shot and the client says "why has the image gon dark?

There maybe a setting to turn this off in the settings (engineering) menu only accessible through a key combination but for the life of me I cannot get to it.

Has anyone got experience in this area?

You know it’s screwed when there’s a change.org petition.

Yeah I saw that. I believe theres an android app you can use to get to the service menu. Now to find a friend with a frikin android.

you have to get another remote then you can switch that setting off its a service remote, then type in the LG code which will unlock other settings, the code I can’t recall but I can find it if your unable too.

Instart button, pass 0413, TCP enable turn to Off

Just ordered my remote and it will be here in a week.

Thanks for the info.