Which OLED sucks the least for home?

I have a 65” B17 that I bought after we started using them at work a while back. Even though I paid half a kidney for it, it is now showing me ads in the menus. On one hand, this is appropriate penance given my profession. Otoh, a line has been crossed.

Some of you must have a Sony or (if yer super fancy) a Panasonic oled. Are those now slinging Toyotas at you when changing inputs? This may be the thing that finally pushes me to set up a pi hole.

My LG CX 55" was doing something like that on startup, but you can shut it off in the settings somewhere. I found the setting with less difficulty than the “turn off the fucking motion smoothing” setting that takes me a good five minutes to locate every time.

I love the LG OLEDS. The picture is great and their remote is just worlds better to use than others.


Agreed on the LG OLEDs. The B series is the most effective for me.

The B, C, G and W (the last two might not be correct) series all have the same panel. C and up have additional AI software for denoising, mpeg artifact removal and motion smoothing which I immediately turn off (on my tv as well as friends’ TVs). So best bang for your buck in my humble opinion.

Ads showing up might be a “feature” of the US locale. I haven’t seen that on this side of the pond.

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I own a LG CX. Love it. Since we in the same hood, If you order the 65 you can get it delivered from Amazon in like 2 days. You will love it.

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I make it a point never to use the software in the TV, just use it as a dumb HDMI monitor for your external HDMI source of choice (AppleTV 4K in my case). The shelf life of built-in TV software is not very long and it rapidly starts decaying. And it’s typically an IoT security nightmare…


Well said. Mine is on its own VLAN.

You’re probably right, as usual, but it’s worth noting that LG uses the remains of the Palm OS and does seem to have a decent app infrastructure. Things get updated with roughly the same frequency that they do on iOS, which I take as a good sign. We use the Apple TV app, Netflix, Amazon, etc (only use our Apple TV box for HBO and a few other odds and ends) and it feels pretty good. No weird charges or security breaches yet, knock wood.

We have a CX and I’ve been extremely happy with it. And to further sicken you, JF, I can turn it off with control center on my phone…

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I don’t have a receiver, and while I generally agree with you on built-in apps, the LG ones at least work properly with dolbyvision etc. I should probably just buy one of the new AppleTVs.


Interestingly even Samsung is going to be buying OLED panels from LG and selling OLED TVs. The thinness of LG OLEDs is nuts, at some point I should really get one, but I’m finding it hard to justify when most of what I watch is Youtube videos of weird dudes in their basements repairing old computers.


Adrian? :smile:

Dude, that’s funny.

I keep thinking someday I’ll replace my Panasonic Plasma Viera, which I got as a ‘present’ for my wife to watch the Superbowl in 2006. She genuinely hates football. So, I think I fucked that one up. Now anytime I mention getting a new set, I get a “sure you will, fella” look.

The really weird thing about it… it’s gorgeous. The image is excellent and hasn’t shown signs of age. Never ghosting, deep blacks, takes a hacked LUT. So if you can find a working plasma… it’s like the difference between Atmos and Vinyl.

In all seriousness, this is great to read because I actually was trying to figure out the difference between the LG models.

In LA there are a ton of facilities with the “C” models, so I guess the 65C1 this year. I’m very curious to see how the basic calibration stuff in tvOS / iOS 14.5 works out, even though it doesn’t touch the display itself. If you could tell clients:

  • get a 65C1 at Costco
  • pick those basic factory settings
  • do the iPhone + AppleTV calibration dance
  • run the Clearview Flex app on AppleTV (say)

you could have a reasonable chance that they might end up looking at something that looks somewhat like what you are seeing yourself.

I used to have a piorneer kuro plasma in my suite. It was very nice but was getting a little old and wasn’t easy to calibrate. It was also hungry on power so I upgraded to an LG c8. This monitor is very easy to calibrate and looks really good for the price. AUD$3000.

It’s also good to have a mix of monitors so you can see what the end user might be seeing your work on. I have a Sony 24inch OLED Trimaster, 5k LG computer monitor, iPhone 12 and an iMacPro.

I’ll toss in a recommendation for Pi-hole to block all of those ads at the network level.