ShotGrid Shot Export in Flame 2023.3

So we just tested updating Flame from 2021.1 to 2023.3 and ran into an issue I haven’t seen before. When I try to publish a sequence to ShotGrid from Flame I get an error… “Token is disabled in batch name and cannot be resolved”. I can’t seem to find any error in the logs. The exact same scripts/config works in 2021, it only seems to be in 2023. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

Have you defined Shot Name on your content prior publishing the shots?

Yes, I have had this configuration working for years on 2021. Since we updated to flame 2023.3 it has been giving this error about the token being disabled in batch name. I haven’t seen that error before. The only error that was consistent for me was at times we would have time out or runtime errors when publishing from flame.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Please open a ticket with our Support team so they can investigate the issue.

I do already.
Thanks for trying. I was trying to come at it from autodesk support and here at the same time.