Linux Install Network manager

So ive got to ask, whats the reason the DKU turns off NetworkManager?

Ive got a pretty unorthodox setup, need to carry my machine around as well, so I need to change interfaces etc and I havent found an issue with just enableing NetworkManager service , i just find it way to annoying to change a bunch of manual files just to get networking to work in a new evironment?

is that what people do, or am I better to turn it off/on all the time?

I also changed KDE for cinnamon without any noticeable impact , I just cant deal with KDE …

I do wish the ADSK environment was less boxed in and more out-of-the-box generic. Really the only thing I would was ADSK to configure would be the AJA driver. But all future workstation, I will configure with BMD card, since their driver is so much more sane, and the gear is way cheaper. I would love to be able to run “yum update” without everything getting broken.

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yea for sure I agree 100% not like I ever had a system not die when running yum-update haha well Ive got my own repos to fight that at least xD Once you enable elrepo you going to die pretty fast hehe.

I havent looked at it but shouldnt be too hard to change the DKU to only install what we want, I like the fact that it gets good nvidia drivers that work and wacom out of the box, cant say that about stock centos.

but yea ongoing pain with this, if adsk would at least say why they do certain things like KDE that would be nice,

Blackmagic yes totally I fought my battles with aja cards… BM stuff just seems more reliable and you can buy 4 of the BM cards for the prive of 1 aja.

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