Install Linux for Flame


I’ve always worked on Linux-based machines Flames in the company I work.
So now I am planning to install Flame on a Linux machine at home.
Do you guys think installing a Linux machine is too challenging for an ordinary guy like me?
Just forget about it and use a Mac instead?

Is there any step-by-step procedure about it here or on the Autodesk website?
I know I must download the Flame install, Rocky Linux, but what about DKU?

I remember a video from last year’s Logik lives where someone, maybe Will Harris, showed a Flame installed on a Linux laptop with a Linux flavor similar to Ubuntu with all the desktop features such as an app dock and so on. He said Autodesk plans to offer users a more easy Linux interface, or something like that. Is RockyLinux this kind of interface, or does the DKU still removes all of the interfaces features like the CentOs installs?
Thank you all!

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You are in luck. I’ve got about an hour long video that I did with Centos 8 build on a Lenovo P620.

It’s obsolete now because Centos 8 is end of life, but if you watch it you’ll see enough to see if it’s something you want to try with Rocky Linux.


Thank you!
… downloading …

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This is a wip and wasn’t finished so it might be a smidge rough. It doesn’t include framestore / raid build but that’s almost a custom part of this anyway. The good news is there are a few passionate Linux users here that are quite generous with their time. And with a lot of great Threadripper Pro builds floating around the need for Linux help is growing. We’ve kicked around the idea of doing a live Linux build but with all the variations it’s a bit of a challenge.

Thoughts? What would be helpful for you?

Between Randy’s video and the official Autodesk guide I did my first Linux install. It was challenging but fun! You’ll do great, and you have an amazing community here to help!

Thanks for the support, Andy. We definitely have an amazing community here!

Randy your video is amazing! A definitive reference. Thank you so much for sharing this gem!


I have good news: Flame is up and running here!
Have installed it following Randy’s video.
The only issue I had was dealing with network/internet.
Since I installed Rocky Linux on a generic non-certified machine, DKU was set for a generic profile, which has completely disabled the network config. So I asked for some help from the company’s IT to solve it.
Here’s the article he provided:

Also need help to configure VPN / RGS to have remote access to the company’s Flame.
Even so, the installation worked perfectly.

I encourage others to do this. It was easy and fun!
Have also installed Logik Central.

Thank you, Randy!

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