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So using Flame 2022.1. Every time we temporarily archive a project for safety it creates a .log file. So on a long job we can have up to 20 .log files in the folder along with the 2 usual archive files.

Are these .log files needed??


*Disclaimer - When I start with “As far as I know”, you can interpret this as “I am guessing”.

As far as I know this is just a printout, logging the archive process. It is not reused and up to you if you want to delete. :grin:

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Well said @PlaceYourBetts . They are a garnish. Possibly helpful but not a critical component of the dish.

In my recent experience with v2022.2, yes, every .log file is needed or the archive cannot be opened.

I made a new archive of a Batch Group for a remote artist using Archive & Close – one .log file was created.

Then I reopened the archive to verify a few clips with Restore & Close – this created a second .log file.

I sent the archive to the remote artist with only the first .log file included as I didn’t see a benefit to including the second – I made no modifications to the archive, just did a quick restore.

The remote artist wasn’t able to open my archive until I sent him that second .log file.

You could test this… first copy the archive’s enclosing folder and all files to a new location. In the copied folder, remove a .log file. In Flame’s Archive tab, navigate to the copied folder location and try opening that “minus-1 .log file” archive.

I expect it won’t open.

Hello group!

The log files created when creating or adding to an archive are only logs for future reference. They are text files and could be removed if not needed BUT it is a good idea to keep them for investigating issues. If you open one of these log in a ext editor, you could read it and find errors if any.

Deleting these files does not prevent opening an archive. If this is your case, please open a support ticket because that means other files might have a problem but that would not be the log files since they are not read when restoring an archive.

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Interesting, thank you for the clarification, Stéphane, that the .log files are not read when opening an archive.

I wonder why my remote artist couldn’t open my archive until I gave him that remaining .log?

Will take another look when I’m in that project again.

Chis, it would be nice if you could package something so our Support could have a look.