Flame Archive Headers


I’m trying to keep a folder with archive headers so I can restore only the segments I need by opening header and pressing U. I have the archive header in a folder but the flame won’t recognise it as an archive. What am I doing wrong?


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Do you have all required files including .seg?

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In that folder, only the header.

At the mill we had a folder that contained the headers. Once a job was deleted, we could open the header and navigate through the archive, press U and the flame would list the segments needed to restore that media.

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That sounds amazing. I wasn’t aware of this functionality. I’m keenly interested.

In theory it should be as simple as this but without the first segment I can’t get it to work right now.

Hiya John! Hope you are well.

Just put a file in there that is empty but named the exact same as the first segment should be.

@naveen Its a feature from back when restoring directly from LTO tape was a thing to allow you to know which LTO tapes you will need.

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Kieran Hanrahan wins the internet today.

This is great, so in this instance (attached) I would keep “MPG_223021_Archive”, create an empty file with the name of “MPG_223021_1.seg”, and then do I need to do anything with the log files too? Or is that it? Thanks in advance… I can’t tell you how much of my mind is being blown by this.


Don’t need the log files - might be better if you make them read only on the server too. That way the flame doesn’t try to make OTOCs and look for the real seg 1.

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