Logik is also now on Discord

So we’re all kicking the tires a bit at our Logik Discord server.

There’s just a handful of us in there and whilst I have no idea what I’m doing, I do know that I love the idea of real-time chat, screen sharing, and free video/voice chat to offer the community.

So, fair warning, it’s a bit empty, could use some shenanigans and some direction. I do have a Forum Digest working there, which anytime someone posts here it sends it there into a Channel that links back here, so, it could be helpful in that way.


Hi Randy,
I tried but must have done something wrong. I’m (pic attached) getting this when trying pass a certain step. What did i do wrong? Do you know what i should do from there?
Thanks man.

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Looks to me that at some point you’ve already used this email to register for Discord?

Yeah looks like it. I don’t see how to get out of that claim stuff and try to log back in fresh

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Ignore the invite, visit discord.com and try to login?

Duh! Same result …

Did you try a password reset?


Thanks Randy.
I finally managed to log out and back in, used the invite again and i seem to be close.
Although there is a message i need to look up (failed to load messages)

I give up :frowning:
Stuck there.

I take that back, seems to work now

I really like the idea of a discord server. I use it mostly for gaming, but this works too.
Thank you for trying this Randy

Philippe Soeiro


Thanks Philippe, great to see you here. In typical fashion, I’m out of my element but know that I want it for us, so, I’m quite willing to offer anyone the chance to moderate/build/tweak/build channels and explore new ways to connect us.

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Did you get many folks on there Randy? The invite link in the first post has expired… they default to 24 hours for some reason.

I think Quinn started one years ago but it might be more useful these days now you screenshare directly in the app… there are a couple general VFX ones which are fairly active:

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Invite link updated. We’ve got 40-50 users so far. It’s a start. But we chat hourly.