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hello there. I use the discord app for a bunch of other software. I noticed that logic is on there. so signed up. should it be the same as the forum here? or can it be used as the same? would be handy if it did

No, the Logik Discord channel is a totally separate set of conversations. More real-time, a bit more social.

If you need an app for this forum, you want to download the Discourse app on your phone or iPad (no desktop app there)

The two are separate software package, separate databases. There’s no way of cross-referencing them.

There is a READ only channel on Discord that ports every forum message across.

I love the discord app @Jonhollis but like all chat programs, nuggets of useful info can get lost in the stream :roll_of_toilet_paper:

The fourm contains LOTS of individual chats/topics that seem to be a better way of preserving the information for future retrieval.

There is no parity between the Logik Forums, which runs on Discourse, and the Logik Discord Server, which runs on, well, Discord. They are two separate products designed to provide two very different experiences.

The Logik Forums is like our library…a free resource where anyone can stumble in and ask a question and get a wide range of responses.

The Logik Discord is like our pub, or cafe…a free casual environment with tons of small talk and casual chats, screen sharing, voice sharing, robust private messaging, and more. It’s un Googleable which is both its strength and weakness, but as The Dude says, it really ties the community together.

There was once a Logik Forum Bot which provided read only message from the Forums, but was becoming cost prohibitive as the connective tissue between the two is third party Zapier Zaps, which is a per forum post cost. And 250,000 page views a month on the forums means we’ll have to do without. Unless someone wants to cough up a boat’s worth of cash regularly? I take Apple Pay.

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There is a search function on discord. It works fine. Yes, you might have search in 2 places.