Logik Live #57: Make your own ML Tools with Nuke's Copycat

I’ve had a blast experimenting with Nuke’s Copycat, which lets you train your own Machine Learning models and use them as compositing tools. I’ll show you Copycat from a Flame Artist’s perspective: How it works, different use cases and how to setup Pybox so you can use your trained Copycat models from right inside of Flame!

Sunday July 25th @ 2pm ET on YouTube. For a chance to win one of our weekly prizes register at http://www.logiklive.com

After the show, I’ll be doing an exclusive session for our Patreon Patrons where I’ll show more Copycat examples. If you’d like to check it out please consider becoming a Patron for as little as $5/month by signing up at http://www.patreon.com/logiktv

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Hi Andy

This sounds really interesting. Would it be possible to do the whole operation in flame rather than hop into nuke?


Hi John,

I think the short answer is no. It might be possible to do some type of advanced python scripting to get your training images into a nuke script, kick off the training and make your Pybox script, but that’s beyond my level of experience. When you see the presentation I think you’ll see that it requires the bare minimum of nuke skills (adding nodes, connecting them, reading/writing images). Plus, there’s value in testing your trained models in Nuke before setting it up for Pybox.



Sorry. What I mean can you do the training in flame? Didn’t @tpo do that?

Anyhoo, I am looking forward to the broadcast. I was trying to get a model for the cartoon face working in flame the other day but couldn’t make head nor tail.

Gotcha. I think what he was doing was using Pybox to generate mattes off of a trained model. When he was on Logik Live in January he was using a pre-released version of Copycat and had to keep that part of the process hidden. That being said, I haven’t dived any deeper into Pybox beyond the basic input-render-output, so it may be possible.