Logik Live Episode #21: Building Your Flame Business at Home Part 2, with Randy McEntee

It’s Part 2 of Building Your Flame Business at Home. As a follow up to Renee Tymn’s fab presentation last week, Randy is going to cover the tech side of the at-home Flame business: What machine to buy, how to keep it up and running and everything in between. Randy will dive deep into Mac vs. Linux, SSD vs NVME vs HDD storage, backup and archiving options, client presentation options…and more! He gets specific with numbers and stats - but all framed under the most important question: What type of Flame business are you looking to run.

Link to Randy’s list of gear and services: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HNG5cRkFpORTvpp0MFp_8w_h3Jhn4mAbGZQVnt5T15o/edit#gid=851624717

Link to Randy’s Google Slide presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1nKWsGS7GK7zHdJqNq0MokPo3G-jqL1mqWtnId-FX_is/edit

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@p2FX check this out…this was the vid I was telling you about.

Thanks so much for the super informative video! Just a couple of quick questions. Regarding testing your disk systems, when you say “pull a drive”, do you mean like in mid-“read/write” or pull a drive, then try to transfer files and see what happens? Also, considering it’s 2022 and we’re on the cusp of the great Intel to M1 conversion, would you still purchase a Mac Pro today? Thanks again Randy!


First, make sure you have a backup of your data. Then, I’d pull a drive. Shit happens all the time during the least best possible moments so just pull it. And see what happens. Can you still work? How well? Do you have a backup drive? Does it mount? Does it have errors? How many backup disks should you have? How many days will it take you to secure a new disk? How long does it take to rebuild? Those are all good questions to have the answer to.

Would I buy a Mac Pro right now? If I was just starting out and needed a starter machine, I would. If I had an older machine that ran Flame that I could wait a few more months, I would. If I already had a Mac Pro and I needed all the performance for motion vectors and camera tracking and machine learning and was looking for more performance I’d buy a P620 with a 3975wx.

It. Just. Depends. It always depends.