Longform playback issues

I know this discussion has been brought up in the past, but has there been any developments in Flames ability to playback long form media without caching or proxies? Loading a 1.5 hour Pro Res in Premiere and Resolve with no issues, and Flame cant even begin to play it back. I am running Flame 2024.2.1 on a Mac Studio Ultra with 128 G of Ram, with 25Gb/s Nas connection…same as Resolve and Premiere. WHY is this an issue in 2024?

There was apparently an update that fixed this issue but im yet to experience an improvement. I also thought it was a linuyx only issue?

I will say this was playing back EXR sequences and anything above a 422hq prores.

It is extremely frustrating

Has there been any updates on this issue? I just restored an archive on a MacBookPro (OS 13.5.2, 64GB ram) with Flame 2024.2.1 and whenever I hit play on the timeline, nothing happens except the Mac’s beach ball spins.

It was the audio. After replacing the original audio file, it plays.


Happy to hear you have found a workaround for your problem. Do you plan to open a support ticket and provide content so we can have a look and solve the problem?

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