Looking for 3d character design and animation

Hello geniuses. I’m looking for a vendor who can create a playful character for a :30 spot. It’s a cute eyeball wearing shoes (you’d have to see it to get it, and I can’t share.). Similar to Marcel the Shell. I might be doing the comping and finishing, or I might not be involved. For the moment, I’m just looking to find a solution for my client.


Thanks all in advance.

However Marcel was done semi-photo-realistically. This will be a bit more graphical, but kinda photo-real. You’d have to see the boards.

I’d hit up Jon at Nathan Love:

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Hit up David Hulian at Free Range.

He’s got his own shop now.

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Hey thanks y’all

Check out Luca&Sinem. They are my old time friends. Luca is a modern renaissance artist. Extremely talented.


Thanks everyone. Funny thing is, I just found out it’s not due until September — 2025. So the urgency is off.


With that lead time, I can personally hand animate every frame in paint lol

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by that time you’ll be able to create it in a night using Sora.

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Quite possible