Looking for voiceover talent?

Hi again. I’m out of my league here and looking for character voiceover talent, similar to Marcel the Shell. I know this isn’t the exact forum for this, but I wouldn’t know where else to ask.

Thanks again.

There are agencies for voice over talent you could check with.

In terms of forums - gearspace.com is probably one of the most active audio forums, and generally a helpful bunch.

Thanks, Jan.

I thought I had an agent in my CRM for VO, but turns out they’re all individual artists.

But quick search leads you here: https://voiceoverla.com/voice-artists/roster/ as possible resource.

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Are you looking for a VO? or are you looking for a voice actor? They’re two different things.
EDIT: It looks like Jan’s link covers it all.

many really good AI voices too that do NOT sound like the shitty old ones of the past.

Yes, you can play with Soundly which we use.

But it’s still lacking some of the connotation control. You may have to post-process in iZotope dialog contour a bit.

And they all fail with complicated names. Absolute disaster for VOG at events.

Or just change your title on LinkedIn to Creative Director. Within 24 hours you’ll get a few voice actors spamming your box.



I’ll ping someone who may be able to help. She’s a voice actor who is pretty well connected around town. Looking at a Marcel clip… my son may be able to do it. He’s done some kids shows and commercials.
What works best for you- get their info and pass it to you or pass them your info?

I use voices.com
They send you auditions from your script. I highly recommend them.

Hey thanks. Quinn. It’s now no urgent thing with the schedule. I’ll give my client a year to find a voice, ha.

I’ve got a friend who is a voice actor if you’re still looking.

Hi! If you’re still looking, check out my friend’s website. Might be a good fit. If you contact him, mention that Wes Waldron sent ya.

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