Looking for SGI Tezro

I am looking for a Tezro workstation for my SGI vintage computer collection. I have been looking for such a machine for years, but very rare and difficult to come by, or simply just too expensive.
The hardware configuration is not important, and the machine doesn’t have to be able to turn on / boot. I just really enjoy having these machines at the office (old Flame operator).


I spent many years on one, I’ll bet it was unfortunately e-wasted though… :frowning:

Yes, unfortunately this is often the case. I actually found a UK based hardware distributor with lots of SGI equipment. They even posted me several images of the remaining Tezro stock. But unfortunately, everything was recycled due to internal miscommunication. I only have one remaining link… a guy in the US. But he is asking USD8500 + shipping.

The last time I saw one of those was Troublemaker Studios in Austin, TX, back in 2007 or so. I doubt it was worth $8500 then. Haha.


@Jack might have one or know where to get one from

Thanks for helping out! I will write him a message :slight_smile:

Man. Ivar woulda loved this conversation.


Woou, just received two more super cool SGI vintage computers for my collection. Just makes me smile. So many memories…

Just need my Tezro - Anyone, help is much appreciated :grinning:


Are you still lookling for a tezro?

You need an Indigo Elan and an Iris 4d and a bigger garage :joy:


Ian's SGI Depot (various SGI systems, parts and spares for sale)..., not sure if their still going … maybe worth asking

Thanks, found a Tezro Flame workstation on eBay :slight_smile: It is an amazing machine running Flame 2008 sp6, nice :smile:


I am a SGI collector - Always on the lookout for a Tezro :smiley:

Great! Could you send me your personal email? I think I can help you with your collection.

Not a Tezro per se but an SGI none the less…

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Can we run Burn on this? :rofl:

I wondered about it myself… :rofl: