Free ACS Panels

I have some Lustre ACS panels in Chicago available, if someone would like to save them from the trash.
Feel free to contact me if you are interested or have questions.

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@marcwellington ?

Hilarious, it wasn’t too long ago that I was buying every since one we could find as a backup. Then we switched to Resolve and they currently have amnesty from the trash in our attic.

Not that I’m driving to Chicago, but do they work with other programs a-la the Tangents, or do you need a full Lustre? Cos it kind of reminds me of the Steel Battalion controller for the Xbox.

…(and since nobody remembers Steel Battalion, there was a $200 mech-tank game for Xbox that came with it’s own giant controller that didn’t look all that different from a set of colorist panels. Only one other game ever used the controller. My friend had it and it was super cool, but yeah, one game for one system)

I’d be interesting in storing them for you. I still grade in Lustre and have a set.

I don’t need them. Thought you may be keen.

I believe it only works with Lustre, but worth trying to get it to work for Steel Battalion.


From everything I know about the crazy Colorfront guys the odds of this are not zero.

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I thought we were giving these a Viking funeral in the lake? Oh well hopefully Mark can use them!