Los Angeles Flame Conform Artist Needed for On Site Position in Hollywood

11/12/2021 Update: We believe we’ve filled our immediate need for Nov/Dec, however, we would still be interested in meeting or getting contacts for future bookings, especially if you have theatrical marketing experience!

Original posting:

Hello! My name is Ezra Horne, and I’m the facility manager at Wiser Post in Hollywood. Our lead full time flame artist, @Quinn suggested that I post here, so thanks for allowing me to pop into your forum!

Wiser Post, founded in 1998, is a theatrical marketing finishing facility, finishing trailers, TV spots and digital media. We need an additional ON-SITE flame artist, focused mostly on conform, to help us with what we expect to be a very busy December.

If you are an LA based Flame artist/operator, please let me know if you have availability between now and the end of the year, especially during Nov 29-Dec 22nd. We’d like to bring people in ASAP to interview and start getting up to speed with our facility practices.

If you don’t have availability during those times, but you have interest in being added to our freelance roster for future bookings, please submit your information but make clear that you’re not available for Dec.

Send your Name, resume and contact info to:

Thanks so much for your time!


Thanks Ezra for joining. I’ll set this topic to bump to the top of the page in a week. Any questions, give us a shout. Thanks!

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Thank you for the Welcome Randy!

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Hey Randy, I think you can turn off the auto-bump, we’ve fortunately found someone to fill our Nov/Dec need, just will leave here for anyone else who may want to be considered for future bookings.

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