Low Core/High Clock CPU Real World performance

Out of curiosity… is anyone running flame on a blazing fast CPU with less than 10 cores? Like on a 8, 6 or 4 core single processor? Just wondering what performance is like and any drawbacks.

The main issue I would envision would be compression/decompression. But would love to hear any real world stories.

I’m on a 6 core 32gbRAM MacbookPro based Flame many days - it’s the Yugo version of a real workstation. And I love it. Because I have fast storage (NVME: thanks @randy !!) and a good monitor. However, I don’t attempt the MV workflow. I do use the Semantic Keyer, the Master Grade. I work in 10bit rec709 a lot of the time and I don’t get as much lag as I thought I would when I switched from my old machine - z840, 24G P6000, 192GB Ram. I did overheat last year and the machine looked like a popcorn bag after microwaving… that was during a 5k EXR job.

Outputs do take a little longer (2min vs 1min) and more than 6 masks in the tracer start to noticeably slow the interactivity.

My next machine is in the Cloud, and I’m already starting that transition. Chasing the gear and winding up with junk years later is depressing. But in the cloud, storage speed is also king.


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