6K+ VFX.. Hardware Requirements

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Recently I have been getting more jobs which require working at 6K for VFX, mainly for episodic drama and features and my hardware is starting to show its limitations.
I’m thinking of getting a Threadripper system but I seem to remember someone telling me (years ogo) that Flame was not really a multi threaded programme and that single thread performance was more important.
Can anyone confirm?

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We run flame on top ThreadRipperPro. Our workload has a component that is CPU bound so we see ~2.5x improvement over our top end z840s. Other workloads may not be the same.

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Clock speed is important but some stuff is multi threaded also.

I’ve tried Flame in the past on a 4 & 6 core single CPU with a higher clock speed (high 3GHzs) vs a single 16 core CPU with lower clock speed (but base frequently was around 3GHz). Same generation Xeon e5s. The 16 core was either similar or a lot faster depending on what you were doing.

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Next time you render a comp that represents your current bottleneck, open a shell and type ‘top’ (no quotes). You’ll see the current processor load. If the flame is using more than 100%, you’ll know you are multiprocessing.

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I run several threadripper pros.


For price to performance value, the 5965 is great. The 5995 or 3995 ain’t worth it for me/Flame.

If you look at the flame benchmark, heck, even the 3955s are pretty damn sweet.

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Thanks for all of your replies. I’m going with a 5975 system and I expect it will be up to the job

So now I’m wondering, does anyone have experience using an OWC Accelsior 8M2 on wrx80 Threadripper motherboard?
I’m planning on using the OWC 16TB card with an ASRock WRX80 Creator R2.0 motherboard and I can’t find any info about compatability with Threadripper CPUs.
I don’t think there should be any problems but wanted to be sure before buying an expensive component.