Lustre flame workflow

Hi, I hope I’m not mistaken about this.
I dont work on lustre yet, my facility does.
Sorry for the long post.

When flame premium was originally released. Was the workflow as follows :

You could switch internally between flame, smoke and lustre.

You conform the edit in flame. That live timeline with heads and tails is taken into lustre and graded, this graded timeline with the grade metadata embedded is then accessed in flame for further finishing and vfx work?

If the edit changed, such as new shots getting added or shots getting extended or reduced or slipped, this would immediately get updated in flame without having to go to lustre, unless it was a new shot getting added, for which you need to go to lustre to grade…other than that it is meant to be a live timeline?

Is this the correct workflow ? If so, how do we set it up in our place as I think we are not approaching it correctly.

We are currently conforming in flame, sending that timeline to the lustre shared library. We are then exiting flame and launching lustre, grading it and then rendering the clips. These clips sit in the shared library. This has to be then matched to the existing timeline and reconformed. I am not sure if the graded timeline also exists. This workflow is a bit messy I think and defeats the purpose of having one unified live timeline accross flame and lustre. The reason I say this is because if the edit changes and there are same shots different lengths or similar new shots we are sending that timeline again to lustre and repeating the same thing.

Could some one advise on the correct workflow to have a unified timeline across applications, wherein only the metadata changes. Also we are currently using flame2021. Is there a tab or similar to access the lustre tools from within flame?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the confusing long post :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

@marcwellington ?

I’m not in front of my machine and there are a lot of flows mentioned in this posted question. I will respond more in depth when I can send a proper response from my machine.

We are a Lustre/Flame shop.

The live update, per se, was a node driven concept back in the day. We tried it and it never really worked as advertised. First you would have to have a dual GPU super maxed Linux box for it to work as you had to have both Lustre and Flame open simultaneously. Doable but very tricky to configure and use.

All options start with conforming in flame and placing all clips on the same layer to be graded and setting up the matte layers and such as required to use RGB mattes in Lustre,etc. These timelines are then placed in a Lustre Reel on the desktop.

Round Robin is what we use and always Source Grade. Also, we ALWAYS use 24-48 frames of heads and tails as that remedies the slipped cut or transition of scene extension 95% of the time.

2 options we use. One was broken for a bit, but has been repaired in 2022.0.1. And that was using a second reels group to relink the a duplicated sequence to the shared Lustre render folder and then dropping that relinked timeline into a later on the working timeline in the original reel and a layer. Then it is just unlink and relink to update if color changes are made later.

The other one we use the most we just modified with connected confirm. I’m still working out the workflow but it is pretty great so far. More once I get it tidied up. Overview. Place all clips to be graded on one layer and mattes as required. Copy the sequence into a Lustre reel. Import that into Lustre with Source Grade. Make sure you are in timeline view, alt F8 when rendering back to Flame. Once rendered the timeline will be represented in the shared render folder. Drop that new timeline on a layer just above the original layer in your original sequence and you are off.

Probably too fast and missing details but wanted to post something.

I’ll be able to be more clear once I am in front of my machine.

Hope this helps.

Oh thankyou so much Mark,
That’s a wealth of information.
I will definitely try it our when I’m in front
of the machine.
Take care and have a great weekend… cheers