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Ok. I know some think I am the Lustre guru here, and that is only because I still use it regularly. However, I have a new issue I can not seem to find any info anywhere about and not having luck with support. I need to do a round robin as I always have in legacy projects. Just need to do it with ACES. Create the ACES project in Flame. Conform and prep in Flame. Drag in the Flame Timeline into Lustre. Color. Then, render the finished color back to Flame. That how it works in Legacy mode. HOWEVER, I can’t for the life of me get an ACES timeline from Flame into Lustre looking the same. Doesn’t matter what viewing LUTs or transforms I select, it just does not match. If anyone has successfully used ACES workflows in Lustre, I am more than happy to compensate for your time in assisting me in figuring this out. Maybe it is time to figure out fast and fluent color in Flame or bail and go to Resolve. So frustrating. But, it is probably just me.

After finally getting a human in color science at Autodesk, I am now knowledgable on how to this to work properly in the current software. I will create a new post with details on this process. Flame and Lustre color management are not connected completely when it comes to view and render settings as they were in the past in the Round Robin. There are 3 settings in Lustre that are in 3 different places that control how things are handled in ACES. Input, View, and Render transforms. Also, you have to have the tagging set correctly as well with the LUT transform conversion correct in the Lustre project set-up. More once I have a moment to write it all out. Props to Holly at ADSK for getting me in touch with the proper person to get this workflow worked out.


Interested in this… would be nice if you can make a short video and post it

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Let me try to make that happen. I meant to do this earlier. Time got away from me.

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do it :slight_smile: don’t let the Lustre die

Why not?

it is so streamlined and fast that is why - also new updates support BRAW Gyro that is not in Flame yet and in Flame BRAW ISO is broken as I learned today. Also on Wave panel it is working really nice a lot more functions supported. Maybe they should merge Lustre into Flame more and then kill it.

Just use Resolve for color, never worry about formats again.

I am all Resolve / Fusion here just looking into Flame - but more I am finding out from your videos the more I am scared to spend time on it :slight_smile: Why are you still using Flame?

It is all I know or have ever done since I was 19, for almost the past 30 years.


Is there a way to make Blackmagic card work with Lustre?