New Flame update now available! πŸŽπŸ’¨

Power your ideas with time-saving tools in Flame. :racing_car::dash:

The latest Flame update is here and includes a slew of enhancements to fast-track your creative workflows and drive productivity:

  • Camera Analysis Manual Track and Motion Vectors Quality
  • Motion Vector Improvements
  • Improved Blackmagic Design RAW Support
  • More

Release notes for Flame 2022.1 can be found here: Help


I get a β€œNot found” message when trying to download Lustre 2022.1 from my account downloads page. The other 2022.1 updates are downloading fine.

That is the universe telling you something. Transitioning to Resolve was the best decision for our color deptartment.


Surely you spelt that wrong Alan?
Its B A S E L I G H T :laughing: :wink:


You buyin’ Foghorn?

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Hey @Alan Has your colour department tried using Image in the effects environment. I also transitioned to resolve from lustre and now find I like using image over resolve.

Hi John,

Not going to happen.

This is how I put it:
A flame artist may chose to color in Flame.
A colorist will never chose to color in Flame.


I showed image when grading full CG to a colorist and his jaw dropped (hint: working cryptomattes) :man_shrugging:

I get that logik if the Colourist has come from other systems like resolve and baselight but if you’ve come from lustre surely it’s an easy transition.

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