M1 Max Mac Studio vs M2 Max Macbook Pro

Im thinking for pulling the trigger on a Mac Studio w 64GB and the M1 max. But now Im seeing for a little bit more I can get a MacBook Pro with 64GB and the M2 max. I don’t necessarily need it to be mobile.
If the only difference is M1 Max vs M2 Max, is it worth the extra cash?

If you’re not using mobile, don’t go with a laptop. Upgrade to 128GB instead on the studio. The M1 to M2 difference is not a major milestone. Ergonomics and cooling trump. 6 vs 3 TB ports.


You might want to wait until Apples WWDC to see if a revision to the studio comes out or even better a new mac pro

Wwdc is june 5

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I was thinking of waiting as well, until I read this: Apple Silicon Mac Pro Reportedly Not Coming at WWDC, Mac Studio Refresh Likely Delayed Until M3 - MacRumors

Yeah its only rumors, but they are usually spot on.


We have 2x Macbooks and decided on Mac Studio for the majority of our Flames going forward. It’s still portable between home and office, and you don’t need a breakout box to connect all your doodads.


Hi Moody, Long time.
You’re going to want to Max the Ram on this, 64 not enough IMO.

Hey Dan! How have you been?

Yeah looking to max it out. I saw the M2 macbook pros max out at 96GB Ram.

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