Mac connected to linux framestore cache issue

Hello hive mind.

having an issue at my studio and i’m scratching my head because i thought i had it figured out.

When a Mac flame connects to my Linux and imports media it won’t Cache… And now, if a Linux user looks at the media it comes up checkerboard.

The reverse works… Linux connects to Mac Framestore… all fine.

here is the IO error i’m getting.

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks

Have you tried restarting Stone+Wire services? You can access it by using the ServiceMonitor but sometimes using the terminal works better for me…

Hello and thank you already for the replies.
Stone+wire working fine… when MacFlame is fully Local, it works fine. Linux Flame works fine Local and when Connected and working off MacFlame’s Stone…

The Problem is if your sitting on the MacFlame and trying to Work on the Linux’s Stone… thats when it won’t Cache… and when the Linxus user tries to grab that Clip the Mac imported to the linux’s stone, it comes up checkerboard.

We have a request out to Autodesk, but tech is on vacation or something

Similar problem here, archiving back in to a new Mac install. It points to path translation but there’s something much more insidious going on. I hate this stone and wire gateway cluster fuck…