"The critical Stone+Wire database server is offline" appears in Flame

Just had this message appear.
I’ve rebooted, as per the advice on the AD website, but now I can’t see any of our servers, or even my own drive.

Are you on Linux or Mac? Can your machine see the drives outside of the Flame application?

But all sorted now.
sw_restart fixed it.

I spoke to soon, gone again and support couldn’t find any issues,
Anyone have any suggestions?

Try this.

Thanks Randy, not sure it’s the same problem.
I can see and launch projects, but cannot see any drives / servers to import or export.
I’ve also tried a manual restart with sw_restart.

Hi, did you found a solution? Got this on a fresh macbookpro, monterey, flare 2023, fresh install, and i got the message at startup but my stone wire is green on service monitor.
I restarted, checked my drives permissions ( sub folders also )
This is frustrating… i dont see where this can be coming from

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Hello, I just updated to “2023.2 Update” on Mac.
I rebooted to make sure everything is ok. Mount the NAS etc.

I get the same popup "The critical Stone+Wire database server is offline”.

I found the solution in System Preferences on Mac and Confidentiality / Full Access to disk.
You have to allow : Flame / sw_dbd / sw_serverd / ifffsWiretapServer / Wiretapgateway.

Everything is back to normal.
Flame 2023.2 works well.


That worked for me as well! Many many thanks

Wow that’s great! I was having a similar Stone+Wire problem and following this helped.
On my mac (Ventura 13.6) its under:
System Settings > Privacy and Security > Full Disk Access >
and then here turning on the options you mentioned:
Flame / sw_dbd / sw_serverd / ifffsWiretapServer / Wiretapgateway.

Thanks again!