Unable to cache media on SMB mount to Mac Framestore

So this is a weird one.
My SMB mount is working fine. I can see it on the desktop. I have file sharing on. I can copy to and from it no problem from the finder and use the drive as you would expect.

In flame media hub - i see the SMB mount and can navigate the files without any problem. However when i copy the files to my framestore which is an owc softraid nvme - It won’t cache. I can cache from my local macbook pro hard drive no problem and i can also copy from the SMB to the frametsore without a problem in the finder so i know its physically working, but no matter what i seem to do i can not cache from the SMB mount to the framestore via the mediahub in flame.

I just find it so odd that I can cache no problem from the local drive, but not the smb mounted one. any thoughts?

i’m on macbook pro m2 max and ventura 13.3.1 using flame 2024

I solved this. For some reason a long time ago i must had turned off some privileges to grant full access to some services - thus preventing the caching of the smb mount to the soft raid.

I allowed full disk access for all of the soft raid / sw / backburner , etc. and services were restored.

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