MAC STUDIO - Help Setting Up

Hi everyone,

Hoping I can get some help configuring my Mac Studio Ultra over here as Autodesk help is a NIGHTMARE and not only can I not get through on calls I get no responses to email and I have been waiting on live chat for 3 hours now.

• 01: I read that we should not allocate the media cache storage to the systems drive. Therefore did you all partition your systems drives first to create a separate volume for Autodesk Storage? If so how much did you split your partitions by (I have an 8TB internal storage)
• 02: Today stone+wire stopped working on me which is why I am now looking at reinstalling everything with the error (see attached pic) - AirPlay is not bering used. I have uninstalled and reinstalled flame to no avail.

• 03: I have 2024 installed on both my Mac Studio and on my MacBookPro. Today, on both systems which are not connected audio stopped working completely. I don’t think it is a configuration issue. The audio bars in the flame software don’t even jump around on a clip that has audio. The audio worked pefectly before. It is not on mute. I have tried different clips. Nothing changed on either of my systems .Any ideas?

What started as an exciting move to Mac has for me become extremely frustrating and this is only on the trial versions which I want to get running before I pony up for the annual subs.

Any help would be huge!
Thanks everyone!


I can give you a hand. Are you on Discord?

Regarding 1: We didn’t partition. We just put ManagedFolder0 under /Users/username/. You just have to be mindful you leave space for all your Mac stuff. Has been working great for our artists who only want to use internal storage.

What operating system are you on???

• 02 RESOLVED! - I didn’t see a fix here but found elsewhere so posting for anyone else who may have this issue. This is the fix for the stone+wire port conflict. It is indeed AirPlay which you need to disable.


  • Search for AIRPLAY RECEIVER and ensure the blue button is turned OFF

  • The full fix is listed HERE deep in the Autodesk Interweb.

This also seems to have resolved the issue of audio within the software which now plays visible per the audio levels dancing around but I still have no audio via my internal speakers.

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That’s exactly how I have it setup as well Aaron. That’s great - thanks for confirm becasue that saves me a full reinstall!!!

I am running Sonoma 14.2.1 (what the Mac Studio shipped with.

I too didnt partition my drive and run the framestore off it

Have been doing it since having a Studio M1 with no issues. (touch wood)

Awesome fix. Ventura was such a hassle, still is, I don’t even want to think about Sonoma

FYI, I’ve been on Sonoma since release without any issues.

I’m so grateful everyone - I seem to have resolved all of the above issues (touch wood!!) and I really appreciate all your help. I will take some time to write up my experience of installing on Sonoma so that these little helpful nuggets can help anyone else doing the same. My thanks again!!

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