Mac Pro wishes and caviar dreams


can’t wait. im still loving the Mac studio!


i am not buying a new computer without a 4090, get it together apple and nvidia, now kiss :frowning:


As much as I love the quality of Apple hardware and their innovation. I don’t miss the constant angst on when and how they might finally update hardware I need. The reality is that most business does not run on Apple time. Add to that the insane tax their annual OS upgrades have exerted on the industry, not to mention the M1/M2 migration tax, and it’s hart to have a lot of love left there.

I still like and use their products, but sleep much better with more control over my hardware choices.


I would also like World Peace!


I am super curious how the tower is going to work when the M series chips fuze cpu and gpu together what is the point of expansion when or if one won’t take advantage of those or maybe it offloads some of the gpu tasks but then that undermines their own marketing.

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You might still put other cards in such as DeckLink or storage related like extra NVMe.

It will be interesting to see if some of the current AMD cards can co-exist with the GPU cores? Conceivable.

The single biggest marketing message is compute power/watt. A comparable M2 MacPro would run cooler than the Intel version.

my toaster runs cooler than the current intel chips :smiley:


I sure hope I’m part of the “mostly”.


Idiot here. Reporting for duty!


Well I think we can all agree that it IS pretty fancy.


Good and well reasoned read.

I think this is the operative sentence: “At this point, I’d like Apple to decide: either commit to a consistent strategy or vision for the Mac Pro and its place in the lineup or retire it.”

Which of course comes down to “The Apple Silicon transition has made the idea of a huge, costly, expandable desktop Mac both technologically and economically unfeasible.”

Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 7.58.13 AM

“The survey also found that most studios planned to increase their usage of Linux and Windows, while most planned to keep their macOS usage at around the same level.”

This chart is not surprising, and the mix is less Mac favorable in bigger shops. Should make ADSK re-think if the time invested in M1 maybe should have been put towards Windows :wink:

My own opinion: Mac is fantastic hardware and very nice to use. There are some annoyance, but so does every hardware. It’s by the far the easiest to deploy for individuals, why it’s perfect for small shops and independent creators.

But unpredictable roadmap, huge delays, and lag behind fast evolving technology has made it hard for any sizable business to use it as its technology platform. If you need to deliver jobs consistently at top of the market, keep up with latest advances in AI, GPU renders, etc. you need technology partners that are moving as fast as you are. You can’t wait and hope for 2-5 years that Apple will finally make a move. The clock runs out. Divorce is non-optional at that point, that’s a broken and irreconcilable relationship. The share of Linux in the above chart is the best evidence of that. Linux removes reliance on any specific corporate roadmap from the equation.

I was on the 2013 trashcan and held out for for the next Mac Pro until I could no longer, and then made the switch to Windows. I use Windows for all the big systems, and Linux for Flame. I still do use Macs for other tasks where top of the line hardware isn’t required, and recently did buy a Mac Studio for sound, where Macs run smoother than PCs. But I chose carefully, and don’t bet on Apple. I also don’t see how the M1 platform will compete in the segment where big GPUs are needed. There are too many questions about scalability, and portability of existing and evolving code bases. NVidia owns that game, and Apple has ceded the race. Their M1 GPU behind Metal is fantastic for Premiere and mid-tier apps that can all abstract to a graphics API w/o too much trouble.


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This guy is a "Smack-Fu Master, in training, FWIW. Maybe when he achieves the legendary title of Full Smack-Fu Master I’ll be more intimidated.


How many of you here have met this kind of douche over the years? The Maya guy who always talks about windows and his hotrod custom build and his puritanical approach being better than x, y, z but who never seems to deliver?

Oh, and it’s never his fault. Whatever it is.


Haters gonna hate, but I get it; they work on something for two months, I fuck around with it for two weeks, and a baselight person touches it for a few hours, yet the clients treat our time spent on the job like a fucking golf score.


John, What’s your config on such machine running Flame ?

Yes, but that is significantly less funny :rofl:

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