Mac Pro With New Radeon Pro W6900X. Worth it?

So the new Radeon Pro W6900X cards have been out for a bit. Does anyone have any experience with them? Im puting a new mac system together and looking for advice on the hardware config. yes, i know Autodesk has its own recommendations but they are baseline. I’m finally leaving Linux and am terrified of the loss of speed so I want to max out the mac in every way that will count. Max memory? 2xW6900X? max Processor? the mac can get very pricy very quickly and i know that currently, mac doesn’t support more than one GPU but i have to believe that in coming flame updates they will address this? or not. dont know.

I think for now puttin in one of them is your best bet for flame performance.

best source for mac pro gpu benchmarks.

So i got my hands on one of those for testing, compared to the vega ii about 20% of a speed bump for rendering (tested with the good old flame benchmark and with a massive setup i had been working on). Have yet to figure out whether interaction/UI is snappier but so far it does not seem like it´s worth it the amount of money (its about 4k € in Europe atm)