Macbook Pro M1max Findings

Going to use this thread to post some findings about the new macbook as I got one now.

first up: New display modes, Alan style video going to test this further the next few days(actually measure stuff).

This is great for remote review , at least the idea is promising. I still have to verify their claims .

One thing I did notice however that the “1600” NIT brightness does not seem that bright, i kinda dont buy it… but lets see :slight_smile:



More findings:

Reference modes can be edited to liking: This is the default Rec709 preset:

The system gamma thing bascially negates the 1.22 systemgamma that they build in in the first place (REALLY BAD wording on apples part) .

Bascially: when you turn on Rec709 reference Mode it switches the display into

  • 100 Nit Peak
  • Bt.1886 (gamma 2.4 roughly but bt.1886 is weird, some hate it , some dont).
  • Applys system gamma boost (makes it MORE contrasty basically converting from 1.96 to 2.4 gamma… 2.4/1.96 = 1.22 )
    Generally I got a very decent visual match to my calibrated OLED.
    BUT - > we have to go BACK to tagging our quicktimes as 1-1-1 for the reference mode to work.

So the “colorsync compatible” Button is not to be touched anymore if anyone uses the new macbook (or I guess XDR display) . if you tag it 1-2-1 (2.4) you will get a gamma shift again just in the other direction :slight_smile:

You know apple could bring this mode to older laptops but you also know they wont …

so more fun discussions with clients depending on:

-what version of MacOS they run

  • what software player they use
  • what hardware they have
  • what is set in display preferences

just with the M1maxbookPro thing beign the only one that does it “proper” (if you click on reference mode).

All in all its great, like really great to have this mode, and I recon its a MUST to get some kind of XDR display if you are dealing with commercials just so you can QC your stuff to work in mode X Y Z …

The whole “Gamma chain” then looks like this internally if I am not beign stupid:

Render 2.4 Gamma , tag as 1-1-1 (1.96), this get lineraized through the inverse 1.96 Gamma so we now have a wrong linear image in the framebuffer with a 1.22 gamma “boost” applied, now this gets transformed back to display Profile (Gamma 2.4/Bt1886) so still the 1.22 Boost is still there and THEN they apply the inverse if the 1.22 boost so we end up with 2.4 again…

all this happens behind the scenes and can only be found out if you spent 3 years taking this ***** apart…


Since I’m eagerly awaiting my Max, this is an interesting aspect I haven’t thought about yet. Thanks Finn!!

Hi all. Think I’m going to get a new MacBook for a variety of reasons.

Just wondering about the SSD size.

I imagine that with the size of apps 4TB is preferable to 2TB?

Not really. From a purely Apps perspective, it’s hard to use more than 500/600 gigs. Depends on your use case.

You are probably the smartest person here about color management…

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Given the astronomical price of the internal SSD once you go up in the size chain, I settled for the 1TB which I use for apps and short-term stuff, given its speed, and then connect a Sandisk 4TB external that gives around 900MB/S and I can live with that being slower than the internal 5000GBs for the cost tradeoff. I wish I had gone for the 64RAM instead of the 32RAM but the wait for the 64 was too much to bear. Not having any problems with the 32GB but it’s more future proof and didn’t feel so much of a tax compared to the internal SSD. There are rumours that sometime in October there’ll be a professional event where new Macs are unveiled so waiting a little longer may be wise, if you can wait? Also the Syndisk ExtremePro 4TB SSD advertises at 2000MBs but the MacBookPro does not deliver that. I felt a little cheated when I plugged it in and was under halfway to that. Maybe the next gen will have faster port access?


OK - 2TB @randy
Perhaps I can wait until Oct - thanks for the info @TonyRichards

For me, this is how I see it.

No Flame? 1TB
Some Flame for kicks and giggles? 2TB
Some Flame paid work? Max it.


That makes sense.