Mac studio. Bloody hell. Amazing

Mac studio. Bloody hell. Amazing. I hope it’s not too expensive!!


It’s not that much (at least here in France), 6K euros with everything cranked up! (minus storage).
I’ll cancel my Macbook 16 order and swap with this one asap!

It’s incredibly impressive. Expensive, sure, but damn impressive. I can’t wait to see some actual benchmarks!

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I’ve just ordered one. Totally maxed out. Comes on the 5th.


Damn. That thing looks great!

So, if the M1 Ultra is two M1 Max SOC chips together, and is

The final member of the M1 family, M1 Ultra joins two M1 Max dies…

The Mac Pro will be the first to have the next chipname iteration, and have how many M2 dies stuck together?

Seriously though, can’t wait to see how the flame benchmarks look once someone in the logik crew gets their hands on one of the “studios”… And, if ADSK someday makes flame run native… :exploding_head:


Just ordered mine fully ultra-ed out


Just curious why the early orderers here didn’t wait to see what becomes of the MacPro? From

Apple senior vice president of Hardware Engineering John Ternus teased a new Apple silicon ‌Mac Pro‌ on stage at today’s event to address any confusion about the company’s ‌Mac Pro‌ plans.

When talking about the transition to Apple silicon across the Mac lineup, Ternus said that there’s “just one more product to go: ‌Mac Pro‌,” before adding “that’s for another day.”<

I think it will be the summer announcement. And to be honest I would get that too. This will be a great renderfarm.

For me, it’s because I know I’ll not have the funds for it. I expect even crazier prices! So the Mac Studio is perfect for me : perf/price/form factor it has everything.

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Ditto. I reckon a fully ultra extreme or whatever they call the new mac pro will cost around the 30k mark. Thats still a lot cheaper than the old 2019 mac pro which was A96k

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I think it could be a winner.

We’re finally updating our finishing suite’s MacPro 2013 to the 2022 MacStudioUltra version after seeing the significant increase. We may have skipped some generations, but this one really seems like the one to go for. It will be twice as fast as my already fast M1Max MacBookPro.


Jealous! Let me know what you think! :smiley:

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Going to be interesting to see the tower and the m1 max ultra pro quad or whatever they end up calling but these names are getting silly.

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Apple Mac M2-Inferno?


Good idea

I know I always bring this up, but if ADSK has a native port on the roadmap we could see the top end Linux machines get a proper run for their money with whatever mac pro ends up being… Esp w/ ML and GPU related stuff.

The versatility of macflame to run other software, simultaneous Resolve w/ tangent support (no conflicting linux DKU shenanigans) & basically everything other than flame is why I don’t have a Linux machine at home.

To be honest though, my 2017 imacPro has handled everything I’ve thrown at it so far without issue, save for waiting on ML and motionVector caching type tasks. Plus it runs PCoIP just fine too, ha…

Personally, I’m holding out on the studio until the pro comes out, then will likely heavily consider a studio when I realize the pro will cost $25-30k which is really expensive for a Teradici terminal. :laughing:


Just have to mention the follwoing when I read you thread: SideFX did a got job!


Every time I see how much Houdini is refined and improved I’m impressed.