New update: Flame now supports Apple M1! 🎉

Hello folks!

The latest version of Flame is available and supports Apple M1 so you can blaze through your next project on Apple M1, M1 PRO, and M1 MAX devices. :slightly_smiling_face:

Some resources:
Flame Timeline
What’s New
Release Notes


Does this fix the micro freezing?


That’s so great to hear!
Clicking that “purchase” button right now.

Thank you for the news!

Flame: TNG

Awesome news!

Downloading flare.

Great news!

Only if you sell the Linux and buy a MacPro.

well, more options are more options. Nothing wrong with that

Can we get any update about your plans for linux support with flame 2023?

Whoa. I wonder how my Mac Mini M1 would handle it for small stuff?

@GPM I guess you’ll have to tell us all about it

We’re gonna need a revised benchmark me thinks.

@ALan , is the Denoise / Median the best CPU test? What’s the comparable GPU benchmark?

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I’d think something related to MotionVector Tracking Analysis.

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Motion vector track 100 frames of 4K color noise?

I would love a new GPU benchmark. Thinking about benchmarking 3090 vs A5000 vs 3080 vs 3060 if anyone is interested.


did you say on fb that it was still running emulation mode on M1 and not native?

Sure… specify bit depth too.

Def running as intel. It seems reasonably snappy, but not Jaw dropping like Resolve.


That’s great news.My Macbook Pro 16’’ M1 Max laptop is on the way.So Flame will the first thing to install on it then :slight_smile:


Curious how the 32GB Video ram will perform of the max. The New Mac Pro should be interesting with crazy GPU cores and lots of memory