MacOS - Separate Spaces

When you run Flame on MacOS with 2 displays, you have to go into Mission Control and turn separate spaces off. I know there are some other apps (mostly Linux ports like Mistika) that dislike separate spaces, which is the Mac OS default. In Flame you don’t get the second display until you turn that off.

In itself not a huge deal. Except it has a negative impact on other apps. For example in Parsec you can’t use the second screen and go fullscreen with separate spaces turned off. And turning it on/off constantly is a PITA.

Has this come up before or am I misunderstanding? Can we make a feature request for Flame to support separate spaces on MacOS? Would that ever make it above the line actually?

I know a lot of folks use dedicated systems, but it’s nice to stay in default configs many other apps expect so you can app switch as needed, like Parsec into another system quickly.