Markers global rename

Hi, I’m marking up a bunch of rushes using segment markers and I want to number each take. Is there a way of globally renaming adding a number on the end of each comment.

Is there a hidden token called marker number somewhere?

I’m not in front of the box for a few days so I can’t provide the link - but I’d take a good look at @andymilkis and @jsilbermanbaron csv to markers scripts. You should be able to manage a marker list doc outside the app.

I use it to help get comments from frameio into my timelines and you can use excel or sheets to massage the data.

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Thanks I’ll look into it. I can find how to export the markers from Flame within the app but cant see any import function. Maybe that’s only available via python??


Script not working and its complaining of a timecode source

I also tried exporting and reimporting the flame markers without success.

Got the script to work thanks to @Josh_Laurence by pasting the data from flameexport markers into an empty frameio exported file, modifying the data in excel then reimporting into flame. HOWEVER I lost all my beautiful colour coding of each segment colour.

Does anyone know if the import into flame / python script supports a colour field in the data set? @andymilkis ??

Hi John,

Question…. We’re the segments already coloured and running the script reset the colour, or do you want the segment to get a colour once the marker is applied?

Colour coding already created in flame. There is a colour field in the exported flame file

Here is a test export

test_segmarkers_flame.xml (436 Bytes)

Hey @johnag

See if this script helps.
You can select your Markers in the timeline and right click to find Renamers->Add Numbers to Marker Names. (1.1 KB)

Thanks that script works well. The marker number starts at whatever the marker number reached in the timeline so the numbering for me started at 476. Is there a way of starting from 1 and is there a way that the numbering starts from 1 at the beginning of each coloured group - sorry for sounding like a client.

That’s an interesting challenge. See if this one does the trick. I think the count started at 476 because you had other things selected, not just the markers so it was counting everything that was selected. (2.4 KB)

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Excuse my language but you are a fucking genius!
Thank you so much

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Ha! That couldn’t be further from the truth, but I’m glad it worked for you.